1When should home healthcare be considered?
The time to consider home healthcare is when you need assistance with some or all of the normal activities of day to day living. This may include such things as regular hygiene, housekeeping, cooking, shopping or even walking safely without assistance. The inability to cope with these activities may be due to a need for home recovery resulting from recent surgery or due to an illness. Alternatively, it may be necessary if a family is unable to cope with an increase in forgetfulness on the part of a loved one that might prove dangerous because of such things as medications improperly taken or stove burners being left on.
2Can You Really Receive The Care You Need In The Home?
Absolutely. In fact, the level of care is usually higher than that of institutional long-term care solutions. Care provided to an individual on a one-on-one basis is by its very nature far more encompassing, responding not only to specific physical needs, but also providing much needed companionship.
3How Do I Arrange For Home Healthcare Services?
Start with a telephone call to one of our offices closest to you. We will listen carefully to your requirements, explain our services and then outline the next steps to take. Depending on the depth of service required, this may include a brief initial assessment of the individual to be cared for so that we can recommend an appropriate level of care.
4Is Home Healthcare Expensive?
Home healthcare costs vary greatly on a case by case basis, but generally they are substantially lower than the alternative of a long-term care facility. In addition, many of the costs are covered or at least reduced by government funded programs or private insurance plans. Bear in mind also, that home health care is billed strictly on the basis of usage. Unlike long term care facilities and retirement homes that bill around the clock no matter what the level of care provided, you only pay for the time and services that you use.
5How Is Home Healthcare Paid For?
Payment varies from individual to individual. We find that while some of our clients cover their expenses privately, the vast majority qualify – either wholly or in part – for coverage either by their insurance policy or by government funded programs. If this is all new to you and you aren’t sure what your insurance policy covers please don’t hesitate to contact us for help. Our office and management staff will be happy to take the time to help you through the process of getting started.
6What If I Want More Services Than Are Authorized By My Insurer?
We will review all of your home care needs in detail, advising you as to which services are covered by your plan and which are not. Should you wish to contract for services that are not covered by an insurance plan or other program, we will arrange to provide them to you on a direct billing basis.
7How Will I Be Billed And Is It Tax Deductible?
Typically your insurer will be billed directly for services that they cover. For services not covered by insurance, the client is billed directly and provided with a detailed statement which may be submitted to Revenue Canada to substantiate eligible health care expense deductions. We would be pleased to advise you as to which home health care expenses are tax deductible.
8Must I Pay For Full Time Assistance Or Simply When Its Needed?
We offer our services strictly on an “as needed” basis to meet your individual requirements. If your needs are great, we are available to provide assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your requirements are less, we will be there only when you need us, either according to a pre-established schedule or on an occasional basis.
9Can You Send Someone To Help Tomorrow?
Yes with the on call services. Registered client can contact us for assistance.and we will do the needful.For non-registered client, we will have to follow a procedure to follow because a worker would need to placed in home.
10How Do I Know What Type Of Person Will Come In To My Home?
Access Healthcare Services Inc employees are selected based on a high degree of demonstrated professional competence and retained according to specific hiring procedures and policies. In addition, we make every reasonable attempt to assign personnel who are familiar with each client’s cultural and social environment. If the caregiver assigned to you is not appropriate for any reason, this should be discussed with our office.

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If you’re considering the use of a home healthcare agency for the first time, you may find you have a lot of questions and concerns. Accordingly, we have put together answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from people trying to ensure that they get the best possible care for themselves or their loved ones.

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