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July 21, 2019
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Senior Home Care

‘Home is where the heart is’ is a very popular saying which exactly describes why one is emotionally attached to his home. Then why should senior citizens leave their homes because of various reasons?

Your home is where you are comfortable. Moving into a completely new place, beginning from scratch at such an age is difficult. Privacy is another concern. For someone who was enjoying his space, it will be very difficult to move to a place with a lot of new people. Sharing space with strangers, getting accustomed to the new surroundings at such an age is difficult.

Home care service for seniors is one of its kind. It aims at keeping them at ease by providing both medical and generic facilities at their homes. A facilitator stays with them and looks after them. This helps the working class remain assured of their parent’s safety and a healthy recovery in case of an injury.

Home care services enable the elders to stay at home and avail services of different natures. Their services can be classified into two main and broad categories.

  1. Personal care

These attendants can help with the performance of day to day activities like bathing, eating and walking, etc.   

  1. Health Care

With old age comes a lot of health issues. If one has had a fracture or severe sprain rather than staying at the hospital after treatment, he can come back home and seek assistance from helpers. A familiar environment and independency can help them recover faster. 

Depending upon the nature of home care, there are two main types of senior home care professionals.

  • Licensed medical professional care

Licensed medical care is offered by experts like physiotherapists, nurses, doctors and their assistants. They help patients recover from their medical condition and provide general assistance. Someone post a major surgery or a fracture might need both medical and help with day to day activities.

  • Nonmedical paraprofessionals care

They constitute of helpers, caretakers, homemakers and attendants. They help their patients cope up with their day to day activities also known as ADLs (Activities Daily Living). Patients suffering from Alzheimer’s usually require help with traveling, paying bills and booking appointments. When people grow old enough to not perform their activities independently they hire the services of a non-medical helper. They help them with activities like bathing, eating, traveling, preparation of meals and medications. 

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