Memory loss: it may not be Alzheimer’s disease or dementia

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Memory loss: it may not be Alzheimer’s disease or dementia

Did you ever have an unpleasant experience either occasionally or frequently of forgetting something? Do you fear that such episodes of memory loss are an indication of you developing Alzheimer’s disease?

Well, let’s first understand what is dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia. Generally, termed as memory loss where your cognitive abilities are having a tough time coping up with your daily life routine. But, forgetfulness can be a normal part of aging. As you grow old, you may notice that it takes longer than usual to memorize things or even learn new ones. You find it difficult to remember information as you did when you were young. These are mild signs of memory loss which is caused due to aging, and not serious memory problems, like Alzheimer’s disease.

Let’s dive in deep to understand what causes us to forget and why it is so difficult for us to remember things?

Emotional causes

Emotions play a big role in your daily routine. It impacts the brain’s capacity to cope with certain feelings or stress that get in the way of remembering details that are important. 

Often, these emotional triggers of memory loss can be improved by support, counseling, and lifestyle changes. Even just being aware of—and limiting exposure to—things that increase stress can help.

Drugs and medical treatments

Many of the patients lose their memory due to medications and prescription drugs, surgeries like chemotherapy or heart surgery, or other mind-altering substances like alcohol or illicit drugs.

Physical and medical conditions

Other possible causes of memory loss are related to your physical conditions or your lifestyle. Some of the common causes are sleep deprivation, concussions or head injuries, Vitamin B12 deficiency, thyroid, pregnancy, and menopause (in women), and of course aging. These conditions are curable. All you need to do is train your brain with daily activities.

Discuss memory loss problems with your doctor to find a reversible cause that can be found and treated. In serious cases, the doctor may recommend Alzheimer’s disease treatment.

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