Care at Home Services for Seniors to Assist with Independent Living

Accelerate Healing and Recovery with Home Care Nursing Services
April 7, 2021
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Care at Home Services for Seniors to Assist with Independent Living

As you grow old, you may not realize that your daily chores are affecting you in a way perhaps you may have not noticed yet but, could be progressing towards a chronic illness. If moving to a retirement home or nursing home is not one of your best interests, let us bring the same services to you at the comfort of your home. This does not have to mean that you lose your independence, no. Senior years are the best years of your life with your family and friends and we look forward to fit in your life the same way.

We, at Access Healthcare Services, are keen to help you in any possible way that you need. Some of the home care services for seniors we provide are:

  1. Household Maintenance:

After a certain age, it is not easy to run the house as you used to before. It takes a lot of your time and energy. Let us come and take care of your household tasks that include – housekeeping, laundry, light meal preparation, organization, personal grooming, medication reminders, dementia support, shopping etc. sparing you time indulging in activities you love to do! Our approach to in-home services for seniors is highly dedicated to making your life easier by satisfying your needs, allowing you to remain in your own home or environment of choice with as much independence as possible.


  1. Personal Care:

Helping you with activities of daily living such as oral hygiene, hair care, bathing, dressing, continence care, assistance with ambulation, transfers and positioning, feeding etc. is called personal care. Home care for the elderly in their own home ranges from few hours to around-the-clock live-in care. Our personal support workers team is certified, trained and most importantly passionate about what they do and will always treat you with utmost dignity and respect.


  1. Health Care:

Ignoring medical symptoms with age as an excuse to go to the hospital or clinic is completely reasonable but very risky as well. We understand the long hospital waits at the ER are comprehensive for which we are there! There are very few agencies for elderly home care services. At Access Healthcare Services Inc., we have been excelling in nursing care management for 24-hour service with chronic disease, acute disease or post-hospital discharge care. Our priority is:

  • To maintain and promote the optimal level of health and function, detect health issues at an early stage;
  • To prevent deterioration of existing disease conditions (and)
  • To cure further complications.

Access Healthcare Services aspire to the values of respecting the dignity, autonomy, uniqueness, and privacy of each individual.

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