How to Keep Aging Loved Ones Safe and Comforted During COVID-19

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April 21, 2020
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How to Keep Aging Loved Ones Safe and Comforted During COVID-19

Young woman with her grandmother, discussing the coronavirus. Both with protective masks on their face.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the world continues to see the increase in the number of novel coronavirus cases, and families have a serious reason to surround their senior loved ones with support. Your ageing family member will need extra care and safety during this pandemic.

Here a few tips that you can use to reduce the risk of coronavirus for your loved one so they continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

The virus is still out there

The number of cases and deaths are shown in the media may be scary. Even though the numbers in your area are low, you need to bear in mind that there’s still a sense of risk of contracting the virus. Not to forget seniors are on a higher risk during this time. The statistics represent only people presented with symptoms and were found positive on coronavirus tests. But the fact is there are more cases that haven’t been detected. Some of the possible reasons are these people are asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms which are often mistaken to flu.

Staying home would be the word of caution for your elderly family member.

Avoid making use of alternative living arrangements

It is important to understand that even though assisted living facilities are a great option for your ageing loved one who’s home alone, but it is not the safest option. It would only increase the risk of coronavirus. Rather, you can keep a full-time personal care attendant who will take care of them 24×7.

Home nursing services allow your loved ones to get proper care at the comfort of their home.

Avoid public outings

Seniors should avoid going to the grocery stores, and cancel all the unnecessary appointments for the time being.

To keep your loved one from having to go out, a home caregiver can run errands for them, including shopping for groceries and picking up prescriptions. If your aging loved one needs help managing everyday tasks or encouragement to adopt healthier lifestyle choices, turn to Access Healthcare Services Inc, leading respite care of adults in Ottawa. AHSI provides professional personal support workers and in-home caregivers around the clock to help seniors live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

Always sanitize your home

It’s possible that coronavirus can infect your loved ones if you go out in public or bring in supplies from other people. Ensure you regularly sanitize the commonly used surfaces in your home, such as sinks and places where they eat. This can reduce the chances of your loved one being exposed to the virus at home.

Families who find it difficult to take care of their ageing loved ones without assistance can benefit greatly from a professional nursing agency in Ottawa. Access Healthcare Services Inc. encourages your loved one to eat well, exercise regularly, get plenty of mental and social stimulation, and focus on other lifestyle factors that promote longevity.

If your loved one needs 24×7 home care nursing services in Ottawa, contact Access Healthcare Services Inc. To hire, call us at (613) 596 4929 today.