In Good Company: How Companionship Supports Lonely Seniors

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November 2, 2020
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December 3, 2020
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In Good Company: How Companionship Supports Lonely Seniors

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According to a report by a Canadian newspaper, more than half a million elderly people define themselves as being lonely. The report indicates that loneliness may be a crucial factor to develop Alzheimer’s disease. The elderly who experience severe loneliness are thrice as likely to develop the condition – it is clear that this is an issue that needs urgent attention.

Talking to someone who cares for you is something that we all enjoy usually. It’s the same with the older generation. If they have someone to talk to or share their life experiences, it may make a massive difference to their lives.

That’s where companionship plays an important role for the elderly.

  • The benefits of companionship

Being with someone or spending time with a person who takes care of you just like a family member is what a companion does. After getting to know that someone is coming to spend time with them may act as a powerful motivating reason for them to heal themselves.

Sitting all-day-long and remembering those beautiful days, even a simple interaction with people and passing on their glimpses of wisdom gained over their lifetime may all help an elderly re-engage with the world.

  • Access Healthcare for Companionship

At Access Healthcare Services Inc., a companion care program is designed keeping in mind the needs of your loved ones. They perhaps need someone to spend time chatting over a cup of tea, to talk to a couple of times a week, and maybe want a company on shopping trips or occasional outings.

For elderly people who are facing serious health problems or are just vulnerably living alone, Access Healthcare companion care is an ideal solution.

It not only allows your loved one to resume enjoying living but also provides 24-hour home care with someone available to talk to them and take care of their needs.

A professional companion caregiver makes sure that your elderly relative is staying in touch with family and friends who live away, by helping them with emails and using social media and video calls. If this is something that you need help with, Access Healthcare Services Inc. can help.

From helping with cooking and shopping to lending a helping hand with the household chores, the live-in companion carer would mindfully tackle a wide range of jobs ensuring that your relative is kept well-nourished, stimulated, and in the best of their health.

We understand that it would not be possible for you to be constantly present with your elderly relative, but with our support of a dedicated caregiver, you can stop worrying about them, and live at peace.

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