How COVID-19 Has Changed Everyday Life! Why Choose Access Healthcare Services?

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November 6, 2020
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How COVID-19 Has Changed Everyday Life! Why Choose Access Healthcare Services?

The pandemic has changed our ways of learning, working, and interacting as the social distancing guidelines have brought a more virtual existence, both professionally and personally.

Challenges in the terms of Mental health

Unsurprisingly, the situation of the pandemic has been triggering a wave of issues related to mental health. Whether it be managing depression, addiction, social isolation, or be just general stress that has resulted from COVID-19, and we are all feeling it.

It is possible to affect the younger population too. According to a survey performed, 53% of them reported experiencing issues with mental health since the beginning of the pandemic, including 65% of the respondents in the 18-to-34-year-old age range.

Of these respondents, four of the most common issues were:

Stress (35% overall; 43% of 18-to-34-year-olds)

Anxiety (28% overall; 38% of 18-to-34-year-olds)

Depression (25% overall; 33% of 18-to-34-year-olds)

Loneliness or isolation (22% overall; 30% of 18-to-34-year-olds)

Staying healthy during the pandemic

In the terms of health, better-eating habits and changes in lifestyle can help people utilize their time to get healthier in many areas. Since the pandemic has started, nearly one-third of the population say that they have made a significant lifestyle change, which includes:

  • Increase in the time spent outdoors and mostly experiencing nature.
  • Improvement in sleep patterns.
  • Beginning with an exercise program.
  • Other healthy changes in the diet.

Overall, the change in the behaviors and the habits of the people due to COVID-19 has been quite beneficial considering certain factors.

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