The role of skilled nurses and skilled nursing facilities

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February 11, 2020
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The role of skilled nurses and skilled nursing facilities

Skilled nursing is a term that refers to a client’s need for care or treatment that can only be done by licensed nurses. A comprehensive definition of elderly home care services is that it is indefinite custodial care in terms of providing physical, cultural, emotional, and spiritual and safety needs. This also means you get daily custodial non-medical assistance, like bathing, grooming, medication monitoring, mobility, and more.

The homebound requirement

Access health care considers you require elderly care services based on the following criteria:

  1. You need the help of nursing care or medical equipment such as crutches, a walker, or a wheelchair to leave your home.
  2. Further, it is hard for you to leave your home and you typically cannot do so

What are the home health care services?

Skilled nursing services:

Skilled nursing services include complicated wound care, rehabilitation, tube feedings, or rapidly changing health status.  This includes accident victims or clients who have come across any severe illness. For instance, clients who have gone through strokes often require rehabilitation and must learn how to talk, walk, or feed themselves all over again.

The role of the registered skilled nurses includes:

  • Injections (and teaching you to self-inject).
  • Tube feedings
  • Catheter changes
  • Observation and assessment of your current condition, management, and evaluation of your health care plan, and wound trouble.

Skilled therapy services

Our experienced nursing staff is well equipped with physical, speech, and occupational therapy services that are reasonable and necessary for treating your illness.

How does our skilled nursing facility work?

Generally, your plan of care will list:

  • The kind of home health care services and the equipment it requires
  • How often you will receive services
  • The predicted outcomes of treatment

Before we sign the nursing care services, the plan for home care services is often paired with the home health agreement that your doctor must sign to show you need care.

The first time your doctor confirms your eligibility for home health care, you must have a face-to-face meeting to discuss the reason you need care.

The starter home health care plan will be operational for the duration we decide in our introductory meetings.

If you need additional care, the agreement and plan of care can be renewed, as long as your doctor continues to confirm your requirement.

Home Health care Hours

You can continue to receive home health care for as long as you need it. Generally, the home health care hours depends on whether the level of care you are receiving is still reasonable and necessary.


The process for starting the Access health Care home health benefit services depends on whether you are currently in a hospital, or if you are already at home. During these times, we are specialized in providing comprehensive nursing services. Let’s get in touch for details.