What are the benefits of sitter and companion care services for senior citizens?

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September 27, 2019
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November 18, 2019
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What are the benefits of sitter and companion care services for senior citizens?

Many things follow as the body ages. The changes include incapability in going out and being social. The situation holds a grip for those who have recently had surgery or suffering from other conditions. Above all, the good news is that with the right companion care life gets easier. This is where Access healthcare’s companion care center in Ottawa comes to play.

There is an increase in the number of older people who have complex needs. All they need is long-term care in their old age.

This article is all about providing you with various suggestions about how sitter and companion care services for your loved ones.

Who is a senior sitter?

A senior sitter is a non-medical caregiver who can take care of the clients every time, be it full-time, part-time, 24/7.

At Access health care, the companion care center in Ottawa has arrangements for a variety of settings such as senior living home care, nursing homes.

The nurses and other companion care people in the Ottawa center provide basic supervision and companionship. Various activities include light housekeeping and errands depending upon the agreement made with the caregiver.

What are the common concerns of aging people?

When your loved ones are ill or bedridden, the common concern that erupts is safety, getting around, or other activities of daily life. 

Some of the other things are:  

  • Commutation becomes hard.
  • They might need Volunteer escort services 
  • They might be bored out of inactivity. A local companion care center in Ottawa might help to see some friends and meet new people as well.

What Do Senior Sitter and Elderly Companion Services Include?

Basically, the home care service center in Ottawa includes some of the traditional services:

  • Provide company, companion care and conduct friendly conversations with charges.
  • Introduce mind engaging games to stimulate activities.
  • Escort for short outings to the yard or short walks when possible.
  • Offer seniors medication reminders.
  • Providing guidance for light exercise within the patient’s limitations and comfort zone

Some of the errand duties that make up for a complete package of service:

  • Prepare light meals such as soups, or snacks for your loved ones.
  • Assist with light housework such as dusting, laundry.
  • Take up short grocery trips, picking up medications, etc.
  • Help them with commutation to the doctor and other outings. 

How you are going to reap the benefits?

One benefit of having a sitter and companion care service for your elder one is that they keep a watchful eye over them.  

 A few more of these benefits include the following.

Faster Recovery and fewer Injuries

When the rest of the things like meal preparation, driving are handled by our home care staff in Ottawa, the recovery process speed up.

With the body at rest, they are also less prone to future injuries under the utmost care of the companion care experts in Ottawa.

All around peace of mind

It doesn’t matter whether your loved ones are in hospital, rehab, inside the home,  you are always relieved when you have an elder sitter for them. 

You can focus on the work leaving the errands to be taken care of. 

Homecare and Engagement

It is evident from various case studies that seniors who enjoy regular companion care are less prone to health aggravation.


Access healthcare’s companion care center in Ottawa is the one-stop solution for every requirement for your loved ones. We take care of them as if they are our own. 

If you have similar concerns, you may want to visit for a talk.