How Senior Care Services Help Elderly People

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March 14, 2020
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April 14, 2020
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How Senior Care Services Help Elderly People

Old age can be a sensitive phase for many seniors. The elderly need comfort and care to lead a life without worries and anxiety. Worried about aging in place? Or Worried about your senior relative to age in place? 

With progressing age, the risk of getting a medical condition such as diabetes and heart disorder increases. In addition to health care, you may also require help to run errands or pay your bill on time. An increasing number of Canadians are now opting for home care services for seniors because of the same reason. Here is how home care services can help you to get help while maintaining your independence. 

The Need for Home Care Services

The number of people above the age of 85 in Canada is more than those under the age of 15. There are twice as many women as men who are above 85 years of age. Most of them could do their chores independently or with the help of a spouse. But with increasing age, they need assistance. Although family members take care of them, 24/7 monitoring may not be possible. Home care services act as a bridge to assist seniors without overburdening their family members. 

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Home Care Services for Seniors

Let’s accept the fact that you will need some sort of assistance after you turn 65. You may be independent and used to handle most of the chores by yourself. But circumstances change as you grow old and you may find it difficult to do everything by yourself. 

Home care services will assist you to be independent and keep going at the comfort of your home.

Some home care services for seniors include:

  • Transportation: This is the main issue for many seniors. It may be difficult for you to drive or avoid driving at night. Transportation services, such as rideshare apps and senior transportation services can help you to maintain the social network and extend your independence. 
  • Health care: Some health care services, such as caring for wounds, monitoring blood pressure, and oral care can be given at home. These services can be provided by nurses or occupational therapists. You can check with your health or insurance service to know the type of services is included.
  • Personal care: You can get assistance in running daily errands, such as bathing, dressing, or meal preparation. Home care assistance is available for a range of duration from a few hours to around-the-clock care. Moreover, you can opt for limited assistance. For instance, medication reminders or taking blood pressure.
  • House maintenance: Maintaining a house and running it smoothly can be a task. Home services can help to manage shopping, housekeeping, laundry, gardening, and handyman services. You can also get help for looking after your appointments, bills, and finances.
  • Adult daycare: Daycare programs will help you to be busy in socialization and activities during the day, which helps to provide a break to your caregivers. While most of the daycare programs are social, they can also provide some health care services. Many daycare services specialize in conditions such as Alzheimer’s.
  • Dementia homecare: Due to the presence of various symptoms and complexity of the condition, around the clock assistance is mostly required in cases of dementia. Home care services help you with medication and therapies that can lower the intensity of current symptoms and prevent the progression of dementia.

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